Discover the environment and local heritage



Create renewable energy  
Create your own solar boat or a music box all powered by the Earth's energies. Learn about the old mill and how the power of water supplied bread for the local community. 
What lives in the river ?
Discover the food chain of a fish, find different insects and crustaceans,, study the diversity of the river and learn how the pollution of water can affect all the living creatures. Finally, understand the impact humans can have on the biodiversity of the river




« Let's save the trees »
Discover the origins and growth of trees as well as the numerous inhabitants (birds, insects and plants) living in them. Children are encouraged to plant trees and look after their growth. 
Flora and fauna
Discover what is living in the local forest, follow animal tracks, discover the origins of fossils and learn about the nature surrounding the farm 



Local heritage
Supervised by professionals in building techniques, this workshop allows children to learn about carpentry, wood work, building and ironmongers. Using various materials and tecniques the children construct objects such as a bird house or whatever their imagination allows thm to create.
Learn how to construct roofs, tree houses, how to lay bricks and stones and discover the heritage of rural Normandy

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