La Ferme Européenne des Enfants (La FEE) was founded by Dr. Veronique Barrois 20 years ago. Her mission of creating an educational farm for children started small and now she welcomes up to 60 children at a time during their school holidays. As well as children on school holidays the farm welcomes teachers with their students on school trips and groups of friends looking for self catering accommodation. La FEE has so much to offer and this is down to the energy and knowledge of Veronique Barrois. La FEE has grown to become a safe and educational destination for children from all over the world and many other guests.
The success of La FEE stems from the dream of Veronique Barrois who believes the discovery and understanding of nature and the environment is very important for a child's development. With this in mind, Veronique Barrois has travelled over the world with her profession as a Doctor, India, China, Nepal, Senegal, Mali to name but a few.
In 1985 Veronique Barrois was in charge of a health mission for the Ministry of Health in France. She worked with international medical specialists and brought them all together to talk and research the different medical practices around the world. For seven years  Veronique Barrois was involved in projects dedicated to research about nutrition, mainly focusing on the benefits of human milk for premature babies.
In 1987 Veronique Barrois embarked on her adventure of La FEE with her family. She was inspired to create an educational farm for children after a visiting one in the States ten years before. Since 1990 Veronique Barrois has welcomed hundreds of children along with their families, the farm is now registered a educational holiday destination.
Every year the farm grows bigger and welcomes more children, families and now groups of friends looking for self catering accommodation. Thanks to Regis Calonne, the farm has been restored and houses have been built to accommodate for more children and other guests. Regis is a passionate Architect whose aim was to build keeping the local architecture in mind. A ex student from La Villette, an Architectural School in Paris, he still works with French students as well as foreigners studying at La Villette, restoring and building the farm buildings.
Since 2000, la Ferme Européenne des Enfants (La FEE) has been linked with the UK through a Franco-Anglo cooperative : Interreg IIIA.

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