Arts and sports



The music workshop, supervised by professional musicians, allows children to discover music and different instruments as well as share their passion for music, either individually or within a group
This workshop, supervised by british and French theatre professionals, gives children the opportunity to make their own costumes for the end of week show and design the set



Circus acts
This circus workshop, under the supervision of professional circus performers, gives children the opportunity to juggle, do acrobatics, tight trope walk and to rehearse for the show at the end of the stay
Arts and crafts
The artist's workshop gives each individual the opportunity to discover their talents through painting and drawing



This workshop encourages children to let their imagination go and create something out of clay
Land Art
Using natural materials from the surrounding environmentthe children create pieces of art displayed on the ground



All the workshops are supervised by experienced group leaders from all over the world, enabling children to learn a new language in a fun and constructive way

After lunch they are encouraged to update their diaries in a different language, aided by bilingual group leaders

Walking in the forest, canoeing and kayaking with the local sailing club, ping pong, football, rounders, baseball, basketball, badminton and lots of more outdoor activities 


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